Welcome to #Saudi_Delta_Group!

#Saudi_Delta_Group is not just a name for a group of companies. It is synonymous with some of the integral attributes of our group such as commitment, passion, a desire to grow, serve and excel.

When I founded this company in the late 90s with a small but a dedicated team, I had not imagined the enormous success it would achieve in the days to come. Ever since its inception, I have been trying to bring about a culture and structure that holds a high value in our business. Probably it is the outcome of these efforts that today Saudi Delta Group, which comprises 14 companies, is successfully delivering quality services in diverse  business areas.

Our corporate strategy reflects our commitment to sustainable business practices and balance responsibility alongside growth and productivity.

Our goal is to always stay on the cutting edge of technology, and to harness and leverage it for the benefit of our clients. There is nothing more rewarding for us than to pioneer new developments to redefine what’s possible and then bring it to the organizations and individuals associated with us in business relationship.

Moving forward, we see a horizon full of opportunities to continue to redefine ourselves and to fulfill the needs of our customers. With a robust set of existing tools and technologies enabling us to grow, it is our infrastructure developed over many years along with the talent and ingenuity of our people that will forge our future in the coming years.

I thank all at SDG for the commitment shown by them in developing an everlasting as well as a blossoming relationship with our clientele and look forward to maintain the phenomenal growth of SDG. Please keep visiting this website to know more about the latest developments and goals at SDG and what it aims to achieve in its new projects.

Eng. Ali Saeed Al Khayar. 
#Eng. Ali_Saeed_Al_Khayar.