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#Saudi_Delta_Company, with singular determination and focus since inception, has achieved a leading position as one of the largest  contracting companies in the Saudi Kingdom. Its services include engineering consultancy for construction of civil services, project management, designing and construction of both public and private sectors. #Saudi_Delta_Company uses innovative methods and modern approaches for problem resolution and completing projects within stipulated time frame.

Projects Accomplished

  • Construction of Saudi Post Building in Al-Madinah

  • The establishment of health centers in the Directorate General of Health affairs in Riyadh.

  • Creation of gym model A in Galagill.

  • Qualification of Hittin School in Pettmer.

  • Qualification of King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz educational complex.

  • Renovation of Saudi Post first Phase.

  • Constructed separation of buildings in AlKhafji port.

  • Constructed residential city in Al khafji port (phase 1).

  • Constructed residential city in Atwal port.

  • Expansion of the Customs Area in Al khafji port.

  • Additions and improvement of projects in Atwal port.