We were the first company in Saudi Arabia to be involved in the production of Industrial Environment Filters and associated equipment to service crusher plants, cement factories and asphalt production facilities.
We supply, install and service all types and sizes of Industrial Filters and Industrial Fans for these industries. These Filters and Fans are manufactured in our factory on a customized basis, utilizing European technologies and adhering to International Environmental Standards. Ancillary equipment such as blenders and mechanical parts such as Belts ,Shakers, Screens and Control Panels for the industrial generators are also part of our Production and Product Line.

SDC Filter Bags

SDC is a leading manufacturer of filter bags and its accessaries, its manufacturing unit is in Ankara the capital of Turkey ,SDC utilizes European Standard material for manufacturing filter bags matching Saudi Arabia standards. All sorts, sizes and types of filter bags are manufactured by SDC for various industries such as food Industry ,mineral industry ,crusher plant, cement plant and asphalt pant

filter Bags

SDC Industrial Fans

SDC manufactures and services all sizes , types of operational industrial fans. SDC owns a plant for manufacturing heavy-duty fans from 2500 to 250,000 cubic meters and pressure from 150 to 2,500 millimeters (mmwg).SDC manufactures industrial fans under Delta systems name in the industrial area of Ankara the capital of Turkey , with the best quality and reliable products SDC has set

Industrial fans

Jet Pulse Filter

Jet Pulse Filters in Cement plants is one of the most important part of the cement plant operations and have the greatest impact in preserving the environment from the blowing dust contaminated by cement plants to surroundings during manufacturing of cement, Jet Pulse Filters contribute effectively to the production by using this dust in the production lines again through recycling. This type of bag-house cleaning is the most common. A high pressure blast of air is used to remove dust from the bag. The blast enters the top of the bag tube, temporarily ceasing the flow of dirty air. The shock of air causes a wave of expansion to travel down the fabric. The flexing of the bag shatters and discharges the dust cake. Saudi Delta performs installation of Jet Pulse Filters depending upon the clients requirements.

jet pulse filter

Crusher Plant Filter

Saudi Delta supplies and performs the installation of filters for the Crusher plants.Filters in Crusher plants play a very important role in reducing the dust particle released to the environment ,SDC uses latest technology filters bags in this plants to reduce the dust particles released to the environment during the process. Our products are designed under the supervision of distinguished experts who are constantly working to protect and clean the environment and reduce the pollutants emitted from Crusher plants. Saudi Delta manufactures and supplies Ancillary equipment such as blenders and mechanical parts such as belts, Shakers ,Screens and Control Panels for the industrial generators for Crusher plants.

Environmrnt Crusher Plant

Asphalt Plant Filter

Saudi Delta supplies mixers from 60 to 160 tons per hour basis, in both different fixed or mobile which is usually transmitted between the projects. Filter media in asphalt plants are exposed to extreme environmental conditions and aggressive corrosive gases. Temperature fluctuations, frequent start-ups and shut-downs with different fuels as well as the resulting potential of sparks put additional strain on the filter media. Dependent upon the operating conditions and dust composition, Saudi Delta offers technically and economically the optimal filter media solution for asphalt plant.

Environment Asphalt Plant

We are specialized in

  • Jet Pulse Filters (20.000 m³/h to 400.000m³/h)

  • Reverse Air Filters (7.000 m³/h to 120.000 m³/h)

  • Centrifugal Fans ( 3.000 m³/h to 1.000.000 m³/h)

  • Filter Bags ( 90 C degree – 280 C degree)Certificate from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Presidency of Meteorology and Environment