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Introduction: Numbering and Geographical Documentation of Street Lighting Elements

Success of any organization dependent on the speed, ease, access to the required information and also the efficiency of workers.The importance of building a database of the elements of the network lighting which highlights the importance and benefits of this system through quick and easy access to the staff of the secretariat to the network lighting of stations and columns elements is fast and smooth the existence of the means of assistance within that system of search and filters for engines help staff in the selection process and search and choice in addition to other benefits.
This project is in line with the Riyadh Municipality for the construction of an integrated database of the elements of the network lighting base (columns and plants) and its significant organizational and administrative benefit to those Secretariat where can this system do a lot of current and future secretariat of useful roles, employees and citizens in the city of Riyadh as processes search within This system for columns, stations and know their location and coordinates the global mapping system and by following access to those elements are considered such a system service to all residents within the city is also where can any resident to contribute to an active role in this system and provide assistance to the Secretariat and its staff and effective participation such as providing reports about some disabled items speed and follow-up later by the Secretariat staff later through the same system and other effective solutions. This project is one of the modern enterprise and mission in the world and not only in the Gulf region.

Features and Advantages

– Recording the basic data for the lighting poles and capacity stations
– Register loads measurements of lighting plants
– Assess the state of the columns and lanterns
– Raise the coordinates of the network lighting elements and presented to the global mapping system
– Search and filtering capabilities within the system (depending on the neighborhood, the street, the station etc.)
– The potential of the communications system to add comments and images on the status of network elements and lighting Send
– Provide a variety of reports for network lighting elements
– Flexibility and the ease with dealing with interfaces
– Display lighting elements data on the geographical map with clearly different views
– The possibility of developing the program and add other advantages